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Plaster is one of the most popular kinds of wall finishings despite many home owners thinking it is found only in historical or old homes. Little do they know that plaster still offers a number of benefits in modern applications.


Plaster is a form of coat made of cement and sand that is mixed with water and then formed into a paste for the purpose of skim coating wall surfaces, ceilings and other masonry substrates for a smoother and more attractive finish.

Plaster is a compound that can be used to stylise and mould any shape to decorate your homes and buildings. Plastering is reputed for the numerous benefits that it offers.

In addition to providing a solid surface for building interiors, plastering gives a decorative and attractive appeal to your residential or commercial property.


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Plaster Essendon VIC

Types of Plaster:

  • Browning
  • Bonding
  • Multi finish
  • Board inish
  • One coat plaster

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